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Wai Chee Lychee

Wai Chee Lychee is a delicious tropical fruit with a sweet, juicy flesh and a floral aroma. It is popular in Southeast Asia and known for its refreshing taste. It is a late fruiting variety that grow particularly well in South East Queensland and New South Wales.

Lin San Sue

Lin San Sue produces vibrant pink fruit with a small to medium seed. 

Kwai Mai Pink

Kwai Mai Pink Lychee is a sought-after lychee variety known for its vibrant pink color and exquisite sweetness. Its succulent flesh and floral notes make it a delightful tropical treat. Delivers fruit between late November to February

Erdon Lee

The Erdon Lee produces a large fruit and grows to a large tree. Compared to other Lychee variety’s the skin appears wrinkly by nature

Chom Pogo

The Chom Pogo produces a meduium to large fruit later in the season.  These trees are perfect for the grower that likes to enjoy fruit straight from the tree as this variety will keep fruit riper for longer while still on the tree.


Baitaying Lychee is a highly prized variety known for its medium size, crisp texture, and exceptionally sweet flavored fruit. Its vibrant red skin and aromatic flesh make it a favorite among lychee enthusiasts. The fruit stores well and for longer before spoiling

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Seriously Lychees is a boutique tropical fruit nursery based in Ipswich, Queensland. We offer predominantly variety’s of Lychees but also are passionate in the propagation of Mangoes and Longan Variety’s. We are constantly updating our website with new plants so keep an eye out for some exciting new additions. 

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